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Guest Info

Welcome to Clayton Hotel Glasgow City.

Our Guest Information Directory should tell you what you need to know about the hotel. If you need to contact us for anything you can simply dial “0” on your room phone.

Alternatively you can Click to Call reception, free of charge.

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  • Accommodation information / guest requests

    Our accommodation service team will assist you with requests for additional toiletries, towels, pillows, blankets, adaptors, essential items, bath mats, laundry service, cots etc. – just contact reception.

  • Emergency & medical service

    Chemist, doctors, hospitals, Click to Call Reception or Dial “0” on room phone.

  • Fire & emergency

    For evacuation (continuous ringing bells) follow route on the back of your bedroom door, leaving the hotel by the nearest exit. Fire assembly point to the front of the hotel. Regular fire evacuation drills will be notified.

  • Environment

    Living Green is Clayton Hotels environmental movement which inspires care for our environment as a “Way of Life” throughout our hotels; both for our people and our guests. Find out about our environmental journey and living up to our promise of “LIVING GREEN”.

  • Concierge

    For assistance with local information & services: chemist, shops, religious services, airport transportation, taxis, car rentals, theatre tickets & tours – contact reception.  Our hotel is the perfect spot for exploring all the sights and sounds that Glasgow city has to offer. Click here to explore Glasgow.

  • First aid

    Members of hotel team are qualified to administer first-aid – contact reception.

  • Health & safety

    All hotel guests and staff, patrons with diabetes should contact reception for safe disposal of insulin syringes and pens.

  • Priority assist

    Priority assist signs are on the handle of the door and should be hung outside the door if you need assistance in the case of emergency.

  • Smoking & vaping

    Smoking & vaping are prohibited inside the hotel building by law. Designated smoking areas are available outside the building – contact reception for details.

    Please be aware there is a £250 fine for smoking or vaping in our hotel building.

  • Chromecast

    To use the Chromecast, select the top right hand button on your TV remote (source button) and select number 3 named Chromecast. This will display a QR Code on online instructions to follow to connect your device to the Chromecast. Please note do not login to your accounts e.g. Netflix through the TV’s.

  • Air Conditioning

    A/C is pre set to be between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius. The control is set to Auto-Cool whereby it will switch on and cool the room when the temperature increases past the set point on your control. Keeping the air-conditioning off will keep the room temperature warmer, should you need additional heat please contact reception by dialling 0, where the system can be set to heating for you.

  • Room service

    The hotel offers a “Click & Collect” in-room dining service – click for details.

  • Security

    Please ensure your door is firmly locked when leaving room. The building has 24-hour CCTV.

  • Lost property

    Items found in the hotel will be held for security by housekeeping for 90 days. For enquiries just contact reception or call the hotel directly.

  • Direct dial

    Dial 9 on your room phone for an outside line.

  • Wake-up call

    Contact reception and they can arrange a wake up call for you.

  • Meeting Rooms & Events

    We have a total of 7 meeting and events spaces within Clayton Hotel Glasgow City. We would be delighted to discuss with you an upcoming event or meeting you would like to plan. Please contact Reception in the first instance who will be able to assist you learn more. Alternatively, you can look at our website for more information.

  • Guest services directory

    Further guest information is available in our full Guest Services Directory which can be requested from reception.

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